May 2017 Projects

Welcome back members.

We have some terrific projects for you this month. You can do these projects in both oils and acrylics:

Robin Hoods Bay

One of my favourite spots in the world is the North Yorkshire coast in the UK. I've had the good fortune to visit twice but neither time was long enough. One day I will go back for a week or two and do some plein air painting there. For now though I have to make do with the photos I took. This painting is of Robin Hoods Bay a magic little fishing village on the edge of the cliffs.

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Small Paintings

This is something a little different than our normal painting projects. In this project I show you my approach to painting small simple paintings to sell in places like eBay. Auction sites like eBay are ideal to sell some paintings, usually at lower prices, and make some money to at least cover your costs for art supplies. I show you my approach to painting faster by doing two small paintings at once. Because the prices are lower on auction sites you do not want to invest too much time into producing the work.

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Gold Member Bonuses

Here are the Gold Member bonuses for this month. If you are a Silver member then please upgrade to Gold Member to access this content:

Mapleton Fruit Shack

This is a fun little landscape painting. My wife and I were out driving in the hinterland of the Sunshine Coast when we came across this little fruit and vegie shack just outside of Mapleton. Of course we had to stop and buy some produce and take photos. A good painting to try and will challenge those just starting out however if you follow the instructions you can produce a nice little painting with this one.

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